Amputee Fitness Council, Inc. was formed in the spring of 2016. Our 990 for 2016 will be published as soon as it becomes available.

There were few donations to report. No wages, benefits or compensation were paid to anyone. The founding partners of the AFC provided the majority of funding in 2016.

We have had the privilege of providing outreach programs to over 40 amputees in 2016 and are looking forward to adding greatly to that number in 2017.  Our outreach programs have included peer visitations (both pre-op and post-op),  swimming (the most beneficial and popular exercise for our Ampuniques®), boating, fishing, tubing, bowling and local sporting events. We hope we can count on your support in 2017. Let’s make our Ampunique® Community strong by providing them with the resources and encouragement needed to get on and stay on track physically and emotionally!