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What happens when you give to Amputee Fitness Council?

We provide various outreach programs that acknowledge both the emotional and physical effects of amputation. Your donation will help build up the self confidence necessary for an amputee to enjoy previously beloved activities again. We are able to bring amputees together in a supportive yet lighthearted atmosphere where they can share and be shown what works and what does not. We need your donation to support our mission of improving the quality of life for our military veterans as well as civilian men, women and children that have endured life changing limb loss.

Giving Voice and Hope

Our work revolves around the knowledge that we all greatly benefit from peer to peer interactions. Depression and inactivity goes hand in hand and we must continually seek ways to work and improve the fitness and recreational opportunities available to this overlooked population of amputees (185,000+ new amputations each year).

Ampunique® Opportunities

Contact us for opportunities that will assist you in building confidence and endurance while wearing your prosthetic device. We also offer fitness and recreational opportunities for amputees unable to use a prosthetic. We are here to help you conquer new challenges. Be inspired, be someone’s inspiration.

Community Involvement

Amputees endure many mobility challenges throughout the day. Traversing various terrains (sand, gravel, uneven sidewalks, etc.), showering, standing/sitting for extended periods, residual limb care/issues and socket “fit” are just a few of the obstacles they cope with daily. Peer-based fitness and recreational opportunities allow those that have experienced life-changing limb loss to share their coping knowledge and techniques with one another while practicing their “new moves” in a supportive and knowing environment.

A Home of our Own

Our long term goal is a supportive, accessible fitness and recreational center where the focus is on increasing confidence, mobility, and endurance. A swimming pool (#1 beneficial exercise) is at the top of our needs list as is a walking/running track with handrails. Adaptive cardio and strength equipment, stationary cycles, a driving simulator, kitchen facilities and group spaces are what we are striving for. A home of our own will allow us to bring this vital benefit to many more in our limb loss community and make a much greater impact on their quality of life.


Peer visitation both pre-op and post-op is known to help ease the anxiety for new amputees. All of our programs allow for the opportunity to ask other amputees questions, to learn tips and coping techniques that in turn bring a better quality of life to those enduring life changing limb loss.

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