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Your donations make a difference in the quality of life for amputees providing them with various critical fitness/recreational opportunities as well as pre and post-op peer visits for our fellow human beings enduring life changing limb loss. Peer based encouragement, accessible resources and adaptive equipment are necessary for helping this population build confidence, improve endurance wearing their prosthetics and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We deeply appreciate your support of this often overlooked population. Please give today.

Your donations are what makes it possible for us to continue providing critical peer to peer outreach programs that consist of fitness and recreational opportunities as well as much needed pre-op and post op peer visits. Our community Amputees are not only military veterans but civilian men, women and children as well. No two amputations are the same and circumstances are never without other complications being present. Amputees are often facing other serious issues such as additional surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and months of physical therapy, job loss, etc. The physical and emotional toll of amputation is tremendous. Peer to peer interaction opens up an opportunity for all amputees to learn coping techniques, and to inspire and encourage one another. Laughter is also critical for both physical and emotional health. Yes, we also laugh.

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