About Us

Our Mission Statement

To provide accessible and adaptive fitness and recreational opportunities to those that are living with life changing limb loss.

Our Goals:

We challenge those with limb loss to reach for their full physical potential. We are continuously implementing outreach programs that enable amputees to share tips, tales and techniques with their peers. We are working to raise awareness on the importance of weight stability, as it relates to the prosthetic socket “fit” and how critical this fit is to mobility and the reduction of discomfort to residual limbs. We will continue advocating how being both physically active and socially stimulated can lead to a rise in moods and productivity, reduce anxiety and lower health care costs associated with residual limb injuries, pain management and prosthetic limb replacements. We will continue advocating the need for all amputees to have access to updated limb technology and adaptive equipment that not only allows them to be active but encourages it.

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